About Me


Welcome to my Blog! I would like to introduce myself and explain a little about me and what I hope to achieve with this Blog.

I have been on a personal journey of reading and studying over the last 15 years that has ranged over many areas of Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology and spirituality.

By far the most useful and comprehensive conceptual framework that I have come across to help me understand myself and this crazy world I find myself in has been the integral vision of American philosopher Ken Wilber. It is a panoramic and deeply humane attempt to honour and include as much knowledge, insight and wisdom from as many sources as possible.

This Blog is an attempt to share my understanding of these perspectives on a wide range of current issues, problems and debates. It will try to introduce some key integral concepts along the way but I want the commentary and analysis on this site to be coherent and persuasive without a need for any prior familiarity with these ideas.

As I write this I am not really sure how this Blog will unfold. It will probably be a bit jumbled and random at first as I find my feet in this new Blogging world!

I hope you find something of use here and thankyou for visiting!