First time visitors start here! – What is Integral?

This Blog contains comment and reflections on a wide range of topics. It often uses a philosophical perspective termed ‘Integral’ which is a term coined by American philosopher Ken Wilber. It’s two key facets are:

  1. It attempts to be as inclusive as possible of as many different perspectives as possible.
  2. It achieves this by being profoundly developmental and ‘hierachical’.

It is one of the purposes of this Blog to demonstrate how useful this framework is by applying it to a wide variety of current issues and, as a deep misunderstanding and suspicion of the idea of ‘hierachy’ is the main block to adopting this approach, much of the analysis presented here is designed to rehabilitate this widely misunderstood concept.

Although most posts should largely make sense without any special understanding, I recommend the following posts to get a flavour of what this approach involves.

Also the best quick link to an excellent essay on this topic on the web is provided by the Institute of Cultural Evolution here:

premises and principles of the evolutionary worldview